Being a student is not that easy. They have to keep up with the curriculum, deadlines, and exams. Sometimes the workload can be overwhelming. You can get burned out and become disinterested in subjects if you overstudy. That is why it’s necessary for students to take a break from work and spend some time doing what they love.

To make sure that the academic progress is fluid, 24/7 homework help services can make life a little easier. Needless to say, students have to do most of the work. But, such platforms are great for consultation and checking assignments. Students can relax while experts check their work.

Here are some of the activities you can do during a break:

  • Catch up on a favorite Netflix show
  • Spend time with friends
  • Start a great American novel
  • Visit a local museum

Although all these things are fun, they can take a lot of time out of studying. There is one activity every student can enjoy and that is reading great comic series. There is too much attention paid to popular entries such as Batman and Avengers.

But, less-known titles deserve their own time in the limelight. Today you will learn about some of the best out there.


Blacksad does a great work of combining film noir tropes and anthropomorphic animals. It is one of the few comics that can pull it off. The creation of Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido screams 1950s America from every page. The series was strongly influenced by early Cold War events in the United States.

Each volume has its own story. From murder mysteries to racial segregation and Red Scare paranoia. The problem of race, for example, is expressed through the actual color of fur. Blacksad transports readers across the city back alleys and streets of New Orleans.

Authors use anthropomorphic animals to reflect the personality of characters. For example, dogs are generally portrayed as policemen. Some of the characters share traits of real people. For example, Joseph McCarthy, Allen Ginsberg, and Mark Rothko

Staying true to the art style of film noir, Blacksad has a darkly realistic tone to it. Readers immerse deeper into the story thanks to real-life cities and places. The art style gets sharper in color and quality with each volume. Fans of film noir can spot similarities from Chinatown and Double Indemnity titles.


What if there was a secret community of fairy tale and folklore characters living in New Your City? Bill Willingham’s comic book series Fables tries to answer this question. These fantasy creatures live in an area called Fabletown and try to blend in with humanity. They fled their homeland because an unknown villain conquered it.

The comic series has a vast cast of characters. These include:

  • Prince Charming
  • Big Bad Wolf
  • Snow White
  • Boy Blue
  • Rose Red

The series does a great job at putting a new spin on their stories and backgrounds. Fables characters have to overcome many difficulties. They try to manage their lives, hide from humans, and deal with conflicts inside the community.

All main characters come from public domain literary, mythological, and folklore tales. Most of them come from European sources. But, there are Arabian and American inspirations as well. Those are used in spin-off series.

The comic series is so popular that it earned its own video game adaptation: The Wolf Among Us. The game went on to gain critical acclaim and is still enjoyed by gamers worldwide.

Locke & Key

Joe Hill knocked it out of the park with his first comic book series. It is no wonder. He is the son of legendary writer Stephen King. The gothic Locke & Key series takes place in the fictional town of Lovecraft, Massachusetts. Like his father, Hill is an avid fan of the early 20th-century macabre writer.

The series combines elements of classic ghost stories with a modern spin. It has portals to other dimensions, demons, mythical artifacts, and Lovecraftian lore. The story centers around the Locke family and the mysterious Keyhouse they live in.

The story depicts such heavy themes as murder, demonic possession, and abuse. The magical element comes in the form of door keys with their own abilities and limitations. There is a great cast of characters in a story that spans 6 volumes.

Pick it up if you are a fan of Edgar Alan Poe, Lovecraft, Stephen King, or Joe Hill. It is a handcrafted and thought-through piece of horror comic series you won’t forget any time soon and a great read for any sort of travels and journeys. Don’t read it before having a nap.


Saga offers a take on the Romeo and Juliet style romance. The story came from the vivid imagination of Brian K. Vaughan, and the gorgeous art style of Fiona Staples. It follows a wife and husband who belong to different alien races. These races are fighting an all-out war across the galaxy. The couple tries to escape from conflict and find a place to settle and care for their daughter, Hazel.

Alana is a native of the technocratic Landfall Coalition. Mako hails from Wreath whose inhabitants can use magic. Their homeworlds stay out of the war. The destruction of Landfall or Wreath can result in catastrophe. The conflict still rages on in other parts of the galaxy.

This series will be perfect for fans of such works as A Song of Ice and Fire and The Lord of the Rings. It also clearly took inspiration from the original Star Wars trilogy. Millions of readers enjoy Saga. The series even won several prestigious sci-fi awards. Critics praise it for portraying war, gender, social roles, ethnicity, and sexuality in a unique way.


The world of comic books has many interesting titles of all genres. There is no way one can fit them on one list. But, the aforementioned titles are a great way of getting into reading comic series. Check them out next time you visit Amazon or your local bookstore. You will have a great time with all of them.

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