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The New 52: Futures End is an eleven-month weekly limited series, published by DC Comics, that began in May 2014 and is scheduled to run through April 2015. The series is set five years in The New 52’s future, and is written by Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, and Jeff Lemire. Covers for the series are drawn by Ryan Sook.

Thirty-five years into the future, Brother Eye has managed to transform the majority of superheroes into cyborg bugs. As the last remaining heroes launch one final attack on Brother Eye’s power source, Bruce Wayne creates a time machine in an attempt to prevent Brother Eye’s ascension and this future. Before Bruce is able to use the time machine, he gets ambushed by cyborg bugs, forcing Batman (Terry McGinnis) to travel through time instead. Arriving in the past, Terry realizes that he has arrived five years too late, with what he was trying to prevent already in play. Terry is then attacked by the cyborg bug of Plastique, which he subsequently dismantles. Deciding to break into the Terrifitech Tower to keep Brother Eye deactivated, Mr. Terrific’s building design begins to lock in, forcing Terry out. Retreating and disguising himself as a homeless man, Terry places the cyborg in a shopping cart and begins to slum outside of the Terrifitech Tower. Also in the present, Stormwatch is attacked and destroyed, the majority of the team killed. Cole Cash meanwhile has returned to his role as Grifter, while the fractured team of Firestorm arrives too late to stop the death of Green Arrow.

After the funeral of Green Arrow, King Faraday begins to track Grifter and Ronnie keeps Jason trapped in the Firestorm Matrix, Lois Lane on the other hand starts to investigate a mysterious package. Mr. Terrific then began to grow paranoid and worry how to take care of his new Batman-figure.While Frankenstein found himself hounded by SHADE, Lois discovered a lowly bartender Cal Corcoran to be Tim Drake in hiding. Frankenstein then agreed to join SHADE agents Ray Palmer and Amethyst to investigate the Stormwatch wreckage. Cal, with his girlfriend Madison, viewed a video of the new Batman while Key, Coil and Plastique began to plan to rob the uSphere, which Terrific unveils after Faraday forces Grifter into his employ. Eventually, Ronnie frees Jason just as Constantine begins to investigate Brainiac. Terry later learns of Key and Plastique’s plans and in the Phantom Zone, the agents of SHADE fight Black Adam before making it to the wreckage of Stormwatch. During all this, Lois tries to get Cal to admit to having once been Tim Drake. Eventually Terry fights Terrific, allowing the latter to get the Plastique-cyborg. On Cadmus Island, Grifter is partnered with Deathstroke and Fifty Sue while on the Carrier, Atom implant’s Hawkman’s arm onto Frankenstein. Back on Earth, a Brainiac probe awakens and begins it’s massacre. Grifter soon realizes Cadmus Island is an internment camp for the wonders of Earth 2 and Kitty Faulkner as Rampage breaks a geneticist, Ethan Boyer, out of prison. The Plastique-cyborg confounds Terrific to the degree that he becomes unaware that he is communicating with Brainiac to solve it’s mystery, while Terry forms a heist team with Key, Coil and Plastique. As Cadmus Island begins to show glitches, the Nth Metal revives Hawkman, allowing him to join Atom’s crew. Emiko Queen then recruits Big Barda to the Green Arrow army, secretly operated by her still alive army as Brainiac captures all of Atom’s crew but Atom himself. Terrific, meanwhile, claims the new Batman to be an Earth 2 alien, despite his morals.

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