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Thaal Sinestro is a fictional character who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics, as well as in a number of television and movie adaptations. He was created in 1961 by John Broome and Gil Kane.

Sinestro is a former Green Lantern who was dishonorably discharged for abusing his power. He is the Green Lanterns’ most famous villain, though he occasionally has acted in anti-heroic roles as well.

Sinestro is angry that he has a Green Lantern power ring. The Guardians of the Universe state that the ring wishes to redeem him. With the aid of Hal Jordan, Sinestro returns to his home world of Korugar and liberates his people from the out of control Sinestro Corps. Disabling his former group by rendering them comatose, he heads back out into space with the intent of shutting down the entire Sinestro Corps.

Later, he witnesses the prophecy of the Guardians’ plans for a “Third Army” and once again retrieves Hal from Earth. However, he is captured by the Indigo Tribe, and is forcibly bound to an Indigo ring. Hal convinces the Tribe that he can help Sinestro atone for his past deeds without being bound to an Indigo Ring.

The two then retrieve the Book of the Black to glean information about the future, but it inadvertently takes them to the evil Black Hand. Elsewhere, The Guardians discuss how they willed Hal’s ring to claim Sinestro in order to undermine all the other corps, especially his own. Black Hand engages Sinestro and Hal in combat, whereupon the Guardians arrive and command Black Hand to kill both Green Lanterns. As their life is drained away, Hal and Sinestro fuse their rings together and send off the resulting ring to get help. Soon after, Hal and Sinestro are banished to the Dead Zone.

They wander the Dead Zone searching for a way to escape and encounter the deceased Tomar-Re. He asks Sinestro and Hal to stop Volthoom, The First Lantern. When Simon Baz enters the Dead Zone during a fight with Black Hand, a way out is provided by Green Lantern B’dg. Sinestro reclaims the green ring and exits the Dead Zone with Simon.

Sinestro then teleports to his home planet of Korugar to rally support against the First Lantern. Volthoom attacks and consumes the hopes and fears of the Korugarians. With his new found power levels, Volthoom destroys the entire planet, leaving Sinestro in the rubble.

When Kyle Rayner and Carol Ferris arrive at Korugar’s remains, Sinestro attacks, but immediately notices that Kyle is now a White Lantern. Sinestro demands that Kyle resurrects Korugar, but Kyle is unable to do so. Sinestro takes the white ring to become a White Lantern himself, but it rejects him as an unsuitable host. He then claims the yellow power battery instead and leaves to exact revenge.

He arrives on the planet Oa and strikes Volthoom, but their battle is interrupted by the Indigo Tribe. The Tribe opens a portal to the Dead Zone, allowing Hal to escape as a Black Lantern. Volthoom engages Hal and reality begins to unravel. Sinestro turns to the Yellow Central Power Battery and releases Parallax, becoming its new host in order to attack Volthoom with heightened power levels. Volthoom is ultimately defeated when Hal Jordan summons Nekron.

Afterwards, Sinestro reactivates his Sinestro Corps and heads off to kill the Guardians for all that they have caused. Hal attempts to talk Sinestro out of this course of action in order to save him from himself. However, it was too late as Sinestro reveals that he had already killed the Guardians before Hal intercepted him. Sinestro vanishes and leaves Arkillo in charge of the Sinestro Corps. Reappearing elsewhere, Sinestro secretly brings Ganthet and Sayd together, stating that he knows what it is like to lose everything, but exiles them both from Oa.

During the Forever Evil storyline after Batman uses a yellow ring, Sinestro appears to confront Power Ring. Sinestro follows Power Ring through the sewers, eventually severing his right arm and allowing his ring to go search for a new host. Relieved to be free, Power Ring dies thanking Sinestro. After that, Sinestro joins Batman and Catwoman, and the rest of Lex Luthor’s team into taking down the Crime Syndicate. When it comes to the final battle against the Crime Syndicate, Sinestro and Black Adam move the moon where the sun ends up weakening Ultraman. In the aftermath of the battle against the Crime Syndicate, it was stated that the villains who helped to stop the Crime Syndicate would have their criminal records wiped. Sinestro and Black Adam didn’t care about that, they begin laughing since they know the rules don’t apply to them and left in their separate ways, along with the other villains.

He then travels to a monastery on a planet. In it, he finds runes that could help him ‘purge’ the entity from his system. After doing so, he simply meditates there, awaiting death. Then Lyssa Drak appears before him and tries to convince him to come back. He refuses even when she says Arkillo is making a mockery of the corps, creating thousands of rings for anyone who will swear loyalty to him. Then she reveals his people are still alive. When he asks how she knows this, she reveals she has carved every word from the Book of Parallax on her body. When Sinestro realizes that the remaining Korugarians are suffering because of his inaction, he feels fear again and his ring reactivates.

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