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Our new Paypal donation page is up, so you could share us your donation without needing to manually contact me. You can use this link to go to our new Paypal Donation Page : Click Here 



If you don’t have Skrill account, please sign up using this link : CLICK HERE
After signing up you can send your donation to : [email protected]
If you have any question regarding Skrill, you can read the help page.



If you don’t have Payza account, please sign up using this link : CLICK HERE
After signing up you can send your donation to : [email protected]
If you have any question regarding Skrill, you can read the help page.


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Update Oct 31st, 2015 : With much of consideration, I am increasing the target amount for our monthly donation from $200 -> $300. Truly sorry about this. But, GetComics expense is increasing few times, since I started the website. $200 mark, is no longer enough to cover the expenses, mainly server cost.

As we all know, different with other comic sharing website, we use our own server. This, could help you to download any files, without the need of Premium File file plan, 30 minutes waiting time, and other non-sense stuff. In other words, as long as you have internet subscription you can get all the files, that are listed in this website. Dead simple and easy and plus it is totally FREE.

Now, our server is eating about > 90-100TB of bandwidth, and bandwidth is quite expensive (mainly for 1 man show like this website). For a couple of weeks, I am already migrating the server into another provider which could give better speed/connection, but with a decent price.

Increasing the monthly donation target, I believe is a better solution than trying to maximizing the ads income, with destructive ads like pop ups, layer ads in the main website. I don’t know about the future, but this is the best that I could do right now. If the monthly target is not reached by the end of this month, I will try to find another alternative. If that also not success, well maybe I need to start to think about closing down the store.

Once again, truly sorry about this issue. As much as I want to help all of you, there are some priority that I have to choose. With my current condition right now, I can’t keep covering GetComics expense as much as I want. There are some limit that I think, enough is enough.

I hope you all could understand, and also feel free to give your opinion regarding this matter,

Have a nice day..

Hello All,

How are you guys doing today? Great I hope.

After hearing many suggestion about donation method, I decide to add more payment gateway. This to help the donor which his / her country isn’t supported by PayPal yet. I hope by adding more method, it will make easier for you to help us to pay the bill.

If you are new to GetComics, here are the quick recap of what this Donation Page mean to us.

Since GetComics starts, it needs at least $200/month (though actually it already increasing 2-3 times since that) to be fully operational (for servers + backups, internet subscription, more backup service, yearly domain, etc) plus “My Personal Time” to manage the servers and search, upload and manage the comics – but that’s another story 🙂

Up until now, it is funded from my own pocket and some little amount from ads revenue. So, we need your help to keep this website up and running, All donation will be highly appreciated and will be use for GetComics operational expenses. Help us, to help you and the others 🙂

For donation status, you can see it on the sidebar widget and the status bar.

Lastly, if you happen to find any difficulties please write on the comment below or shoot me an email using this page.