The Story – Exiles Vol. 2 #1 – 6 (2009)

Exiles Vol. 2 #1 – 6 (2009) : The series was once again relaunched in April 2009, written by Jeff Parker and drawn by Salvador Espin, but canceled in September 2009. Alternate versions of The Witch, Beast, Forge, Polaris, and The Panther are picked up right before their intended deaths and put together as a team with the returning Blink, though she pretends to be new to all of this just as much as the others. Morph acts as the Timebroker and this version of the Black Panther is T’challa’s son, T’chaka. On their first mission, they are teleported away without finishing their mission, to Blink’s shock.

The team then goes to an Earth where Cerebro has killed all humans in North America. Working with the renegade Vision, Ultron, and Machine Man, the Exiles manage to disable Cerebro and give all the humans life model decoy bodies. After that mission, Morph tells the Exiles that they still have time to break up the X-Men/Brotherhood alliance from their first mission. They head back to that Earth and replace the native Scarlet Witch for their own. She reveals to Jean that Scott and Emma are having an affair, turning the telepaths against each other and dissolving the alliance. Emma Frost eventually kills the Witch from the Exiles’ team, leaving the native Scarlet Witch to secretly join the Exiles.

The team then takes a vacation on a peaceful Earth. During this time, Polaris reveals she can tell Blink is lying, so Forge builds a device to send everyone to where the Tallus was transmitting from. Forge plants the device on the Tallus during the next teleport and Panther knocks Blink out. The Exiles then discover and head inside the Crystal Palace.

There, they see multiple teams of Exiles being trained by various “Timebrokers”. Blink finds them and decides to explain everything. She says she was going to wait until the team got the hang of saving broken realities, then fake her own death, at which point a new member was to replace her. The team is teleported to the main room, where they find Heather (no longer pregnant), Nocturne (recovered from her stroke), and Morph waiting.

The three of them reveal to the latest Exiles team that the last Exiles team, Sage, Sabretooth, Mystiq, Valeria, Rogue, and Gambit eventually became immersed within the Crystal Palace. Only Morph was spared, since he had Proteus possessing him, and the Crystal Palace absorbed Proteus in Morph’s place. Heather reveals that she came up with the idea of snatching the new recruits at the moment of death, as it seemed to be “the least disruptive way to go”.

Polaris, Forge, Beast, and Panther all look at how their homeworlds turned out after they died. They all decide to continue working as a team and are each given their own Tallus. Nocturne goes with them in Blink’s place for the next mission while Blink begins to train a new team.

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Exiles Vol. 2 #1 – 6 (2009)
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