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Eons ago, the virtually omnipotent Nemesis tired of life and scattered her essence into several gems, each bearing power over one aspect of existence. The Infinity Gems were coveted by some, feared by all. Having previously tapped their power in a plot to obliterate the stars, Thanos of Titan eventually accessed the full power of six gems, forming the Infinity Gauntlet to gain practical omnipotence. Adam Warlock wrested the Gauntlet from Thanos, using it to expel his own good and evil aspects, but the Living Tribunal and other cosmic beings found him unworthy of the power. Warlock retained the Soul Gem and dispersed the others to chosen protectors: the Time Gem to his sometime lover, Gamora; the Space Gem to Pip the Troll; the Power Gem to Drax the Destroyer; the Mind Gem to Moondragon; and the Reality Gem to Thanos, inexplicably chosen during Warlock’s seeming omniscience, his involvement remaining secret.

Initially a loose-knit group, each Watch member operated independently until Warlock’s old foe the Man-Beast, calling himself Omega, captured four members, draining their Gems’ power and creating the monstrous Infinity Thrall. Warlock defeated the creature, and the Watch, sans Thanos, realized they needed more structure and moved into a castle on Monster Island, offering protection to its owner, the Mole Man. Shortly after this, the Magus – the reborn evil part of Warlock – embarked on “the Infinity War,” using evil doppelgangers of Earth’s heroes and plunging the universal manifestations Eternity and Infinity into catatonia. The world-devourer Galactus used Gamora to revive the cosmic beings, and Adam absorbed the Magus into his Soul Gem, but was left comatose. Meanwhile, the U.S. Army invaded Monster Island under the manipulation of Senator Kyle Munson. The all-seeing Eternity revived Warlock to stabilize the Watch and continue his own unique destiny. Warlock also gained the Orb of Eternity, to observe distant events.

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