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The letters page of the final issue of Excalibur (vol. 3) announced a relaunch of the title as New Excalibur in November, 2005. This incarnation of the book was written by Claremont. New Excalibur has more in common with the original series than the Genosha-based book had, for it features Captain Britain and Peter Wisdom as main characters and takes place in London. Other characters include the reformed villain-turned-X-Man, Juggernaut, the former X-Women Sage and Dazzler, and Nocturne, formerly of the Exiles.

As with many of Marvel’s late 2005 books, it spun out of the after-effects of “House of M.” Four issues of Uncanny X-Men laid the foundation for New Excalibur. Captain Britain brought the team together in New Excalibur #5, preceding an attack from Lionheart, Albion, and the Warwolves. Later, the team faced an attack by Black Air and Black Tom Cassidy, who was depowered due to “M-Day.” Black Air retreated after Dazzler, Wisdom, Nocturne, and Captain Britain trounced them. Black Tom surrendered after Juggernaut talked him down and made him feel guilty about killing Juggernaut’s friend, Sammy Paré. Sage confronted the Dark Charles Xavier from Shadow-X in an astral fight, where Sage shot his astral form and won.

Psylocke joined New Excalibur and assisted them during an attack by the Shadow King, who was responsible for the creation of Shadow-X. Psylocke plunged a psi-blade into Dark Xavier, saved New Excalibur, and vanished in a flash of light. Captain Britain believes her to be dead, unaware that she has joined the Exiles. Since the incident with Psylocke, New Excalibur has met up with a repowered Chamber, visited and saved Camelot (while the Black Knight temporarily traveled with them), and have attempted to help Juggernaut with some troubles stemming from his powers that he received from the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. Nocturne had a stroke and the team is trying to help her recover.

Later on, Albion tells his story to Lionheart. He is a Brian Braddock from another world, where their first World War never ended and he chose the sword over the amulet. He brought his world peace, but people kept starving and dying. When he met an alternate Captain Britain, he moved onto the latter’s world and from there began a killing spree on the Captain Britain Corps. He then meets Shadow-X and Michelle Scicluna, a Black Air agent, and they prepare to take on New Excalibur. Rivalry sets them apart, though, and Sage infiltrates them as Diana Fox. Albion manages to take down all of England’s energy-using objects and conquers it, with Sage developing a new persona, completely subordinate to him. They kill both Dark Cyclops and Dark Beast forcing Excalibur and Shadow-X to ally to make what might be their last stand. Dark Marvel Girl, Juggernaut, and Dark Angel create a diversion, at the cost of the latter’s life, to allow Dazzler, Dark Iceman, and Pete Wisdom to combine their powers and blind all of the Captains while Nocturne, who has left the hospital while possessing a Captain’s body, evacuates the civilians. Captain Britain arrives to face Albion and tries to bring Sage back to normal and the two Brian Braddocks prepare to face off. Captain Britain then defeats Albion, as Dark Marvel Girl finds the device Albion had used and is able to reactivate all of the technology in Great Britain.

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