Hi Everyone. How are you guys doing? Great I hope.

I have a good news, after (maybe a year), I finally decide to put our forum, online. I know, it might be too late, or too long, or something, and I do sorry about it, but believe me, I have my own reason 🙂

But, why now? Well, it is a long story but, as some of you aware, this few weeks I am not as active as I was on GetComics. There are good and bad news. The good news is, that I am having a new job. With, better position, salary, and etc. tl;dr it is a much better job, than the previous one. The bad news is, my new office is further than my old one. My commute time it two times longer, now. It is not such a big deal, actually, but it will give impact on my presence in here.

But no worries, as hard as it is now, I will still be here and upload comics, and try to help with request, comments, etc. But, I also realize (from e-mail, comment, and such), you also want a platform where you could talk, and chat about our beloved comics. So, I tried to continue my work on our previous forum. My hope is, the forum will be able to cover the scope that GetComics, can’t, right now.

As for the forum itself, it is still far from perfect. The rules, are pretty much a really basic rules. Also we need a new logo, moderators, and such.

Also, as for current condition, I haven’t approved if we should allow comic download sharing in that forum. As I, think, a pure platform to discuss would be better. But, hey, it is a community forum, so I the community wants it, they will get it 🙂

So, it is official, please visit our new forum : Comic Talk (it is also available on the menu bar, in case you haven’t notice it)

Hope you enjoy it,

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