How’s everyone today? The poll are closed since yesterday, and I would like to say thank you for the one that participated. The result of the poll are :

  1. Yes = 205 Votes (87%)
  2. No = 30 Votes (13%)
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And the result clearly says, the YES word is the winner. Thus, I need to start on creating the forum. But, I also want to hear, of what thing do you want to be implemented on the forum? Or do you have any suggestion regarding the forum? If you do, please write down on the comment section below.

Creating the forum won’t be quick though, as I need to prepare both for the design, technical aspect, and so on. I also will need some people to be a moderator in the new forum. If you happen want to be a moderator, kindly contact me : mail [at] getcomics.info and put “GC Forum Moderator” as the subject. And if you happen to have any experience on managing the forum, please also write down you experience in the email.

Also we need some logo for the new forum, if you happen to have any experience on the design and want to contribute on the design please contact me through mail [at] getcomics.info with the subject “GC Forum Logo & Design

I am exited about this new journey of GetComics, I hope we could build a better platform for the community.

All in all, thank you for everything, have a nice day all 🙂

The Comic Guy


Hello Everybody,

How are you today? Great I hope. First of all, I want to take this chance to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that visit, share, like, tweet about GetComics. And (of course) most of all a SUPER HUGE thank you for all of the generous people that gives donation to GetComics. Thank you, thank you and thank you…

And the second is… Well, I have this idea around for a while now, but kinda unsure whether I have to do this or not. So, I would love to ask all of you, (GetComics mania?) for an opinion. The idea is (as the title says), a creation of GetComics Forum.

GetComics Forum? Why? Because, well, it would be cool to have a place where all of the comic worms out there have a nice place to hang out and have fun. There are a lot of activity that can be done in a form of online forum that is kinda hard to do on GetComics main website right now. Besides talking about comic (and of course many other things other than comics), if you happen to be an comic artist, you can also show your talent to us. Not just show your talent, you could also sell the comic that you made in the forum.

So, we could do talk, share, buy and sell stuff. Okay then, what else mate?

One other thing that I have in mind, and also have some relation to GetComics condition right now. As you all know, GetComics shares comics, but sadly as I have my own limitation (time, fund, and knowledge), most of the time GetComics only share comics from 2 main publisher (Marvel and DC) and few other issues from other publisher. So, because of that I also have a plan, to create an sub forum that are dedicated on sharing about comics other than Marvel and DC.

So, what do you think?

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The poll will last until the end of May. So, put your vote now before it ends. And if you have any other suggestion or idea regarding the GetComics Forum, please let me know by the comment section below.

So, please participate and as usual I hope you all to have a nice day,
The Comic Guy