Update : Google has remove Safelink website from deceptive site list. It is back to normal without any big red warning. Enjoy your comics 🙂

Just a couple of days ago, I am receiving a notice from one of our visitor that Firefox browser marked Safelink Page as a web forgery site. And now, I notice that Chrome browser are doing the same.

I would like to clarify that since Safelink Service is being used by many website, thus there are a chance that this thing might happen. The most important thing, I would like to share is that our GetComics website IS NOT such of that thing and our files/directory is safe to be visited by anyone, I can assure you about that. If you happen to get such notice, there are a couple of steps that you could/should do to get continue download the files from our site.

Step 1 – Ignore the warning

  1. Click Details button >> click visit this unsafe site.

Safelink 1

Safelink 2

Step 2 – Disable phishing and malware protection

  • In the top-right corner of the browser window, click the Chrome menu (customize and control Google Chrome icon).
  • Select Settings and click Show advanced settings… on the bottom of the settings page
  • Under “Privacy,” uncheck the “Enable phishing and malware protection” box.



I already contact my safelink contact to get this thing fixed. Sorry about such issue.