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Batman Eternal is a year-long weekly limited series published by DC Comics, that began in April 2014. The series features Batman, his allies, and Gotham City, and is written by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins and Tim Seeley. John Layman was originally scheduled to write for the series as well, before leaving the project in January 2014. His final issue was issue 10. According to Snyder, the series will consist of 60 issues. Batman Eternal will run through March 2015, after which, it will take a hiatus, before returning for a second year.

In the near future, Batman is seen tied to the Bat-Signal while Gotham City burns around him. In the present, Commissioner Gordon is fighting Professor Pyg before being joined by Batman. The two give chase to Pyg, with Gordon cornering one of his henchmen, ordering him to lower his weapon, though the henchmen states he does not have one. Gordon fires, but the bullet passes through the henchman and hits a transformer, which causes a massive explosion and two trains to collide. The Gotham City Police Department and Jason Bard, who had just arrived in Gotham, arrive at the scene and Bard arrests Gordon, who is denied bail for his crimes and assigned to Blackgate Prison until his trial. Batman goes through the footage of the accident trying to identify the henchmen and learns that the henchmen Gordon was chasing, worked for Carmine Falcone, who has been talking to Mayor Sebastian Hady about returning Gotham to the time before the rise of Batman. Batman goes to the Iceberg Lounge to see if Penguin knows of Falcone’s whereabouts, only to find that Penguin does not know he has returned. Later at the Batcave, Batman attempts to piece together the evidence gathered so far, when he learns of attacks on Penguin’s weapons caches by Falcone’s men. Learning of the attacks as well, Penguin prepares to go to war with Falcone. Mayor Hady, under the guidance of Falcone, promotes Major Jack Forbes to interim commissioner of the GCPD, who shifts the department’s priority to stopping Batman.

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