First of all, thank you so much for your support and kind words, it really means a LOT for me..

As all of you know, GetComics is sharing free comics for all of you. It is totally free, no hidden cost whatsoever (besides the one that you spend on your internet subscription)..

The truth is, there is nothing that is truly free in this world. Even for this website, there are still costs that I need to pay. Mainly are for servers that could make GetComics up and running. For the last few months, I’ve been moving my servers about half a dozen times. Mainly because, the servers are unable to support GetComics need anymore (particularly for storage space and bandwidth). With that said, I need to move the data into a better one. Which also means, the cost to keep this website running is getting higher and higher. So, if you are feeling generous today, I am needing your help.. and I do truly need that. Even $1, $5, $10 (or maybe $100?? :smile ) would help me a lot to keep GetComics running, growing and be better.


Update : July 5th, 2018 – Added guide regarding paypal fee

We’re using Paypal as the main donation gateway.
In order to do so, click the Pastebin link to get the address and also the guide on how to make the donation.

Donation has been closed for this month 
Thank you for the huge support guys

Be a Sponsor

The second way you can support GetComics is by being a sponsor of this website. By becoming a sponsor, I can put your brand or organization logo or ads in the sidebar widget of the blog post. I also will help to promote you through GetComics social media activity. If you want to be a sponsor, please contact me through this contact page.

Share and Support

If you feel that you would not like to spend anything today, that’s totally fine. GetComics will always be free for everybody. And support is not always about the money. You can also help by sharing all the comics you download, by using the social media share button in the lower side of each post. Thus, more people will know about GetComics and bring other opportunities or possibility of a donation donor or a sponsor.

Or if you have another great idea, where you can help GetComics run and grow, please let me know.

All said, with any donation or no, I will try my best to give the best for you all, keep updating the website by daily basis and try to fulfill any comic request as best as I can.

Have a nice day all,

The Comic Guy – GetComics

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