This is the GetComics Request Page. If you have any particular comic (DC and Marvel) that is not listed yet on GetComics, feel free to post a comment below. I’ll try my best to fulfill your request 😀

Comic Request Rules (Must Read) – Updated

Due to some recent issues, I decided to make some rules regarding comic requests. My hope is, all comic requests will be more organized and make sense. Also, the comic requests will be more manageable and accessible to everyone. Please read and follow the rules, otherwise your request will be ignored (and might be deleted and banned, if you break the rules multiple times).

  1. One person is only allowed to make 3 comic titles / issues per request.
  2. One person is NOT ALLOWED to request new comics if the previous request is not uploaded yet (or me giving up regarding the request). These rules can be ignored if there is no news from me, in a 1 week timeline.
  3. When making a request, make sure you give the following information :
    • Comic Titles
    • Number of issue
    • Year of the comic published
    • Publisher Name
  4. I will give up to 2 warning notifications if you do not follow the rules. On the third warning, I will delete your post. If it happens more than three times, you will be banned.
  5. Make requests only on this page. Requests on other pages will be hard to monitor. So please, only use this page. Requests also can be done via the contact page, but it will have lower priorities.
  6. Respect and help each other.
  7. I will close the request page temporarily if I think the request queue is becoming too long (around ~10 people queue)
  8. Each user is only allowed to make a comic request each 3 days. If the user happens to have a request before it, they need to wait for the request to be responded / uploaded, and then the 3 days “grace” period is started. After 3 days from the request is fulfilled, you may make another request. The reason is quite simple actually, it is to give space for other users and also somekind of “breathing space” for me. That being said, some users consistently keep making requests, just after the requests are fulfilled. It is safe to call it somekind of an abuse filter of the request page that we have here. *new

I am sorry for such rules above. I am happily helping all of the visitors get the comics that you want, as long as it is reasonable and still within the limits of my capabilities. I hope this will make GetComics better in the future.

Thank you and have a nice day,